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Child Care Subsidies in Las Vegas

Owner: Nydia Sanchez

Making Quality Education Accessible

At Romper Room Learning Center, our mission is to make high-quality education accessible for all families in Las Vegas. Recognizing the financial hurdles many face in securing child care, we proudly support and facilitate access to child care subsidies.

Our aim is to ensure every child enjoys the benefits of exceptional education and nurturing care, regardless of their family's financial situation.

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Our Partnership with Urban Link

At Romper Room Learning Center, we understand that navigating child care subsidies can be challenging. We are committed to assisting families every step of the way. These subsidies can significantly reduce child care expenses, and with our guidance, accessing them becomes more manageable. Here's how to get started:

Choose Your Preferred Center

Before applying for the subsidy, it's important to choose the right child care center for your family. We invite you to schedule a tour of Romper Room Learning Center to explore our facilities and ensure we meet your family's needs.

Download the Subsidy Form

You can download the subsidy form HERE

Assistance with the Form

When filling out the form, list "Romper Room Learning Center" as your chosen child care center. Our experienced team, including our owner and director, is well-versed in these forms and ready to help you understand and complete the application accurately.

Submit Your Application

Once the form is filled out, we'll assist you through the submission process, ensuring everything is in order.


With recent increases in income limits for subsidies, more families now qualify. We encourage everyone to apply. Our partnership with Urban Link reflects our dedication to making quality child care affordable for all families in Las Vegas.

Understanding Child Care Tax Credits for 2024

Navigating tax credits can greatly benefit families, especially when it comes to child care expenses. With recent adjustments, several tax credits have been updated for the 2024 fiscal year, providing enhanced benefits for families. Here's the latest overview:

Federal Child Tax Credit (CTC):

For 2024, the CTC remains at up to $2,000 per qualifying child, with the refundable portion increasing to $1,700. This change allows eligible taxpayers an additional $100 per child. It's crucial to meet specific criteria to qualify a child for the CTC [IRS].

Adoption Tax Credit:

Adoption-related expenses could qualify you for a credit worth up to $16,810 in 2024, with MAGI limits up to $292,150 for full credit eligibility. This non-refundable credit can be applied to future tax liabilities for up to five years if it exceeds your tax due [IRS].

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC):

The EITC for 2024 has been adjusted up to $7,830 for families with three qualifying children. This refundable credit is designed to support low to moderate-income families and individuals, with specific income thresholds applying [IRS].


Rules for these tax credits are detailed and subject to change. Consulting with a tax advisor is recommended for personalized advice. Additionally, explore state-level tax credits in Nevada to further offset child care costs [Tax Credits for Workers and Families].


Learn More About Child Care Subsidies in Las Vegas

We understand that navigating the world of child care subsidies can be overwhelming. To assist you further, we've compiled a list of resources where you can find more information about child care subsidies in Las Vegas:

United Way of Southern Nevada - Early Education

Nevada Department of Health and Human Services - Child Care

Las Vegas Urban League - Child Care Assistance

The Children's Cabinet

Child Care Aware - Map of Resources

Moapa Band of Paiutes Tribal Child Care

Child Care Aware - Military Families

Apply for a Child Care Subsidy - Las Vegas Urban League

State Tax Credits for Families - Tax Credits for Workers and Families

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  • To apply for child care subsidies, first choose Romper Room Learning Center as your preferred center. We can assist you with the application process and provide the necessary forms.

  • Income requirements for subsidies vary. We recommend contacting us or referring to Urban Link for the most current information.

  • Absolutely! We encourage you to schedule a tour to see our facilities and ensure we meet your family's needs.

  • Yes, our experienced team is here to help you understand and complete the subsidy application accurately.

  • Yes, there are federal tax credits available, such as the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit. We recommend consulting a tax advisor for details.

  • The timeline for receiving subsidies can vary. We'll guide you through the submission process to ensure everything is in order.

  • Subsidies may cover a portion of the child care cost, depending on your eligibility. We can provide more information based on your specific situation.

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