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STEAM Daycare in Las Vegas


Fostering Curiosity and Innovation

At Romper Room Learning Center, we embrace STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) as a core part of our curriculum. Our approach is designed to spark curiosity, encourage critical thinking, and provide a foundation for lifelong learning. We believe that integrating these key areas prepares children for the technological and creative challenges of the future. Through interactive lessons and hands-on activities, we make learning both fun and educational, setting the stage for a lifetime of curiosity and discovery.

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Our Comprehensive STEAM Curriculum

At Romper Room Learning Center, our STEAM curriculum is specially designed for young learners, blending Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics into an integrated learning experience. We focus on making these subjects accessible and engaging for children aged 4-5 years, sparking their curiosity and laying the groundwork for a lifelong love of learning. Through interactive activities and playful exploration, we help children develop critical thinking skills and a creative mindset.


Our science curriculum introduces young learners to the natural world in a fun and engaging way. Through simple experiments like observing plant growth or exploring the properties of water, we help children discover the joy of scientific discovery.


In our engineering activities, children engage in hands-on projects that are both fun and educational. They might build structures using blocks or create simple machines with everyday materials, learning basic concepts of design and construction.


Our technology curriculum is designed to be age-appropriate and engaging. Children might use tablets for interactive learning games or begin to understand the basics of how computers work, fostering an early interest in technology in a playful environment.

Arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts are a vital part of our STEAM curriculum, encouraging creativity and self-expression. Children engage in activities like painting, drawing, and simple craft projects, which help develop their fine motor skills and artistic talents.


Our mathematics curriculum is focused on making math fun and accessible for young children. Through games and interactive activities, we introduce basic concepts such as counting, shapes, and simple addition, laying a strong foundation for future mathematical learning.

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Exploring Technology in Our Computer Lab

Our state-of-the-art computer lab is a hub of learning and discovery. Equipped with the latest technology, it's a space where children can explore digital tools and develop essential computer skills. From learning basic programming to engaging in interactive educational games, our lab is a place where technology meets imagination.

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Preparing for Tomorrow's Challenges

We believe in equipping children with the skills and knowledge they need for a future in technology and engineering. Our STEAM curriculum is designed to lay the groundwork for success in these rapidly evolving fields. By fostering a love for learning and exploration, we prepare our students not just for school, but for life.

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  • STEAM education can start as early as preschool. We tailor our curriculum to be age-appropriate and engaging for young learners.

  • STEAM education develops critical thinking, problem-solving, and creative skills, providing a strong foundation for academic success.

  • We encourage parent involvement and provide updates on your child's progress and ways to support learning at home.

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